Monday, 25 February 2013

To anyone who still believes that it's not about Jews, it's about Israel.

I still hear people claiming that Islamists don't hate Jews because they are Jews but because of Israel. I have posted many articles that show how wrong this claim is, the most recent being this one entitled Jews -p "human pieces of filth"

Here's Hamas MP and Cleric Yunis al-Astal with his view on the Jews:
"It is well known tha the Jews are bent on spreading abomination, depravity, and all typesof corruption on the face of the Earth"
Watch the whole piece and then ponder why so many British MPs and ex-MPs openly support Hamas.

Remember also the words of Hamas Prime Minister Haniya:
"Resistance is our strategic choice and it will go on. We won’t recognize Israel and we won’t make any concession on any of our people’s legitimate rights, mainly the right of return"
Hamas won't recognise Israel's right to exist, wish to destroy Israel, create an Islamist state from the river (Jordan) to the (Mediterranean) sea and kill all Jews. So why do so many mostly Labour MPs and ex-MPs support Hamas?

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