Thursday, 28 February 2013

What spending cuts

The Labour party and their propaganda arm, the BBC, are up in arms about the deep cuts to public expenditure being made by the Conservative lead coalition - "Too deep, too fast" is the mantra that they are still trying to embed in the British public pre the next general election.

There's just one trouble with this narrative...

This graph shows Public Expenditure from 1967 to date and the predicted next four years.

You'll see the regular slow rise in Public Expenditure massively increase in rate in 2001 when Gordon Brown abandoned the prudent policies that he had inherited from the last Conservative government and opened the public spending floodgates. The tiny decrease in public spending from 2010 onwards has barely touched the massive increase under the last Labour government, yet it is portrayed as 'savage' and 'uncaring'.

Thanks to Burning Our Money for the graph and for returning to the blogging scene.

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