Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jewish Fruit Bad, Islamist Nuts Good – University of York | Stand for Peace

'The Costcutter supermarket at the University of York has initiated a boycott of Israeli goods, following a campaign by a newly formed student group, the Palestinian Solidarity Society (PSS). The first product to be taken off the shelves has been Jaffa oranges, as reported by York student newspaper Nouse.

The boycott is the latest step in a campaign by extremist groups to boycott Jewish and Israeli goods.

But as StandforPeace has discovered, the agenda behind the decision to stop stocking Israeli products has strongly anti-Jewish overtones. Whilst Costcutter is happy to ban Jewish goods, it continues to sell Iranian pistachios – an industry that, unlike businesses in Israel, is closely connected to the government.'

Stand for Peace reported the above.

As I keep on telling you, it's not about Israel it's about Jews.

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