Friday, 15 February 2013

Iain Dale - a sensitive soul

Yesterday I posted this light-hearted post about Iain Dale's Talk Radio Top Totty List 2013.

So I was surprised to receive two comments from Iain Dale which were singularly lacking in humour. They and my response follow:

Blogger Iain Dale said...
It was a bit of fun. And how was it slightly sexist, pray tell?!
14 February 2013 19:33
Blogger Iain Dale said...
How was it slightly sexist?
14 February 2013 19:34
Blogger Not a sheep said...
Really Iain? I post all sorts of interesting and relevant things on my blog, as well as some lighter stuff, and the only time you feel moved to post a comment it's because I labelled MY post, not YOURS 'slightly sexist'.

You may note that, unlike you, I only included women in my 'talent' list. That I thought was 'slightly sexist' compared to yours.

15 February 2013 08:07
Sensitive soul for a prospective MP, turned serious radio presenter.


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