Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fun football facts for Sunday

A big Premiership Sunday with Liverpool vs Everton and Manchester United vs Chelsea. It's a big betting day as well as of critical importance to the teams and managers.

Here's some fun facts that might help or surprise you.

Liverpool v Everton has seen more red cards than any other fixture in Barclays Premier League history - 20 of them.

Liverpool have scored nine goals in the two Premier League games Luis Suarez has missed this season - One man team?

The last six Manchester United vs Chelsea mstches in all competitions have produced 29 goals at an average of 4.8 goals per game - Not likely to be nil nil draw.

Manchester United have won just two of their last five league games - Still won the Premiership.

Manchester United are the only team not to concede a penalty in the Premier League this season and the only team not to receive a red card - Referee favourites?

Chelsea have scored 15 headed goals in the league this season, more than any other Premiership team - Team of short skillful players?

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