Friday, 14 August 2015

Another BBC incompetent?

Clare McDonnell is not a someone that I have come across before and on the basis of around five minutes listening this lunchtime I don't think I'll bother again. She seems yet another one in the long line of ill-prepared women presenters on BBC 5Live. 

The piece I caught, whilst driving between two appointments, was about VJ Day and of course 5Live were proud to have found not one but two women who'd helped win the war with their work at Bletchley Park.

This should be fascinating I thought; and in the hands of another presenter it might have been. Unfortunately Ms McDonnell didn't know what these two ladies had done during the war and worse seemed incapable of reacting to new information from either of the two ladies.

The two interviewees were great, with the sort of received pronunciation that you so rarely hear on the BBC anymore. They were honest about their roles, and if I'm doing them a disservice then I apologise to them. The first ladies role seemed to be mostly filing documents in date order. The second's role seemed to be copy typing. Despite hearing this information Ms McDonnell still asked the second lady about her code breaking, only to be corrected. She also asked about Alan Turing, unfortunately the second lady had only said good morning to the great man, and that just the once.

I'd like to make it perfectly clear that my beef here is not with the two interviewees, they were quite interesting, but with the BBC's Clare McDonnell who was simply woeful. A fine replacement for Victoria Derbyshire then.

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