Thursday, 13 August 2015

Another piece in the BBC's vilifictaion of Israel

The BBC's bias against Israel is clearly documented and if we were allowed to read the Balen Report we would know that they know they are biased against Israel. So it was with little surprise that I read this article.

The article is entitled 'Paris-Plages: Tel Aviv invite prompts Palestinian protests' and is by the BBC's long standing journalist

'The holiday atmosphere along the River Seine will be severely tested on Thursday as friends and enemies of Israel take their respective beefs to the sandy esplanades of Paris-Plages.'
Well we know which side of that divide the BBC are on.

'It all began with an idea from the Hotel de Ville to devote a day to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, the Paris authorities decided, is a beach city par excellence. It is liberal. It is fun-loving. It is NOT Jerusalem.'
Subtle? No not really as the BBC put into the reader's mind that to associate Israel with Jerusalem would be beyond the pale. The BBC aren't subtle with their anti Israel articles but they are effective.

'What better way to reach out to the good guys in Israel than to create a special day of Paris-Plages (the capital's summer attraction since 2002), with falafels, electronic music and other TA staples?
Of course it was never going to pass off just like that.'
These good guys in Israel must be the sort of Haaertz reading lefty that the BBC can just abide to consort with.

'There has been a storm of outrage from the pro-Palestinian camp. An online petition calling for the
event to be banned has drawn 15,000 signatures.'
Of course the pro-Palestinian camp are outraged, that is their default position. They look for anything not 100% anti-Israel and oppose it bitterly.

'A group called CAPJPO-EuroPalestine has announced plans for a demonstration on the quays next to the artificial beaches. Some 300 extra police are reported to have been mobilised to head off the risk of violence.'
That will be the usual violence  that accompanies pro-Palestinian groups. 

'For opponents, the event is "indecent" and the city authorities are gullible purveyors of Israeli PR.

"A few days ago a Palestinian baby was burned to death; exactly a year ago the people of Gaza were being massacred; there's a permanent policy of excluding Palestinians from east Jerusalem.

"You can't just sweep that to one side for a festival of electro-dance," said Eric Coquerel, national secretary of the Left Party.'
The BBC let these claims stand without comment because blackening Israel's name is the BBC's favourite game. The Palestinian baby was the innocent victim of one or more Jewish terrorists and I hope that they are found, tried and if found guilty punished  appropriately. The death of that Palestinian baby was not a result of Israeli government or armed forces actions and the actions of the murderers was openly opposed by the Israeli government and most of the Israeli population. That contrasts with the official Palestinian response to the deaths of Israeli Jews at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Such deaths are celebrated in the Palestinian Territories and the perpetrators are lauded and some even have streets named after them. 

As for the people of Gaza being massacred; that may be a claim that the BBC agree with, after all their viciously anti Israel coverage of that war would lead you to believe it but the reality is somewhat at odds with the claims. As usual no mention of the thousands of rockets fired at Israel and the terror tunnels constructed under Israel from Gaza is allowed on the BBC.

The Muslim Arab population of Eastern Jerusalem is still in existence. Did the BBC cry for the Jews who were expelled from the eastern part of Jerusalem when it was occupied by Jordan from 1948-1967, the only years that this ancient city had ever been split? The only reason that 'East Jerusalem' has a Muslim majority is the ethnic cleansing by the Jordanians in that 20 year period.

'All of which prompted the Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, to write an open letter to Le Monde.

"I could never regard a city as responsible for the policies of a government. To do that would be to show contempt for… democracy.

"It is perfectly possible to condemn the politics of the Netanyahu government without at the same time punishing the entire Israeli population - and ourselves as well - by refusing the contacts that are so important for mutual understanding."'
That's important for the BBC, whichever side wins this Parisian dispute, the  Israeli government of Netanyahu is of course beyond the pale.

'The guiding principle of the French soft left remains the old notion that if only enough good people from the two sides got together and talked, all could be resolved.'
Of course the fact that Hamas is pledged to destroy Israel and kill as many Jews as possible is not an obstacle to piece. The fact that Fatah/PLO, the supposedly moderate Palestinian government, is pledged to the creation of one Palestinian state from 'river to the sea' is not an obstacle to piece. The only obstacles to piece are the presence of Jews in their ancient homeland and their building of homes.

'For some it is naive; for others a necessary clinging to hope.'
Calling it naive is being kind.

'What is certain is that demonstrations of pro-Israeli friendship like this are increasingly rare in Europe.'
Very true, thanks  in part to the ceaseless vilification of Israel by the institutionally anti-Israel BBC.

'Is that because Israel's actions are becoming so egregious?'
Obviously that is the BBC position and one that it hopes to spread support for. No need for any investigation of that concept.

'Because of a new alliance between the far-left and Europe's increasingly populous Muslims?'
Ah now there's the real truth but then the BBC is pretty 'far-left' itself, with regard to Israel and the Muslims anyway.'

'Because of the success of the boycott Israel movement?'
A movement that the BBC lauds when it can.

'Who knows'
Oh we know, BBC, we know.

'But on Paris-Plages this year, it's not just pleasure. It's also politics. And police.'
And anti-Semitism, don't forget naked anti-Semitism.

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