Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Just a reminder of how delusional Ed Balls was on election night 2015

Oh so sweet to watch again especially when Ed Balls is telling us that the people decide elections not David Cameron, the Conservative Party and Iain Dale. Yes they do Ed Balls, yes they do, and look what happened to you on that night.

Listening to Harriet Harman is also instructive.

Remember these are the people who still want to run this country.

Also when Jeremy Paxman says to Paul Mason "Dejection up there?", is he asking about the Labour view or Paul Mason's? Paul Mason does look rather sick, shame.

And here is the moment Ed Balls lost his seat; happy days.

Sometimes it's good to remind oneself how lucky the Conservatives were on that election night.  To a very large degree it was UKIP taking votes from Labour that ensured a Conservative victory. That needs to be remembered over the next years. A Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour Party could win the next general election if only a small number of those UKIP voters return to Labour.

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