Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Lynton Crosby's poll is a headache for Cameron per The Commentator

An interesting article and one you should read in full here but one part struck me...
'Europe is no longer the toxic issue it used to be (if it ever was) or that the pro-establishment media and the metropolitan Left want it to be. It is a key concern for most voters, because it's tied to their concerns about immigration, which weighs more heavily as the public is inundated with the shambolic scenes in Calais and the refugee camp there, charmingly named, "The Jungle".'
That is right on the money. The BBC and other left wing media tried to put people off 'banging on about Europe' by saying it turned voters off. I never believed that was the case, I thought it more likely that the BBC was just trying to protect its much loved EU project from harm.

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