Friday, 14 August 2015

We don’t need the union jack on Team GB’s kit – it’s ugly and divisive | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian

If you want a fine example of Guardian crap, here you go... 

'The trouble with the United Kingdom’s flag, when you come to think about it, is that it is really quite ugly. I have every sympathy for the designers who removed it from the British athletics team’s vests for the imminent World Athletics Championships in Beijing. Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford has complained that “it isn’t a British kit any more” because it hasn’t got the union flag, but the decision makes sense aesthetically. The new vest is an elegant flowing dance of red, white and blue – the flag’s colours, remember – and has Great Britain written on it in big letters. It just doesn’t have that jagged, explosive, aggressive flag.'

That's from non-athlete Jonathan Jones in The Guardian's Comment Is Free.

I'm not sure why Jonathan Jones thinks the Union Flag's design is aggressive, maybe he's projecting.

This is the sort of hate your country bollocks that really winds me up about the left in this Country.

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