Wednesday, 5 August 2015

In other words... From Tube strike set to go ahead in night service row per BBC News

This BBC report includes this piece of analysis from the BBC's transport expert...
'The relatively new team at London Underground is experienced in business but not in the railways, and I get the impression that there has been a bit of a culture clash over the way both sides are used to doing deals.'
In other words the London Underground team are used to dealing with reasonable people who haven't got the weapon of stopping the Capital from working properly as a tool to use in negotiations.
The sooner we have legislation in place to stop Trade Unions taking industrial action that deliberately targets innocent workers as a means to win industrial disputes the better. Either that or  London Underground should bring in driverless trains as they have on the DLR in order to ensure that Londoners travel to and from work is no longer subject to the whim of militant train drivers who are massively over paid to sit on their collective backsides, press a few buttons and make occasional incomprehensible announcements.

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