Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Iran nuclear deal has received very little scrutiny from the BBC, maybe it should

Here's something that you won't read on the BBC:
'... one of the side deals reached between Iran and the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency provides for Iran to carry out its own inspection work at the Parchin military facility where the IAEA has long alleged it experimented with high-explosive detonators for nuclear arms.

The Iranians have been strenuously attempting to sanitize the site for years — which is bitterly amusing, since they evidently need not have bothered.

Even the Iranians plainly didn't think they'd get away with a deal this ridiculous. It's akin to having Bernie Madoff scrutinize his own business practices, or Tour de France cyclists conduct their own doping tests… except it has global life-and-death implications.'

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