Thursday, 8 October 2015


As I listen to the BBC interview Conservatives including the Prime Minister, I do wonder why the Conservatives don't reply:

Excuse me Evan/John/ANO,
You keep saying that people are unhappy, that the country doesn't support these policies, but less than six months ago the Conservative Party won a General Election with an overall majority. If the Labour Party had cobbled together a coalition you'd be happy with that representing the country, so why not now? Are you biased against the Conservative Party?

Then there are the people that the BBC invite to criticise Conservative announcements. Such as Dr Liz McKenzie from Class War. By all means let her speak but couldn't the BBC point out that she stood in the General Election against the 'evil' Iain Duncan Smith and received 53 votes. The 'evil' Iain Duncan Smith received 20,999 votes. Receiving 53 votes hardly points to being the representative of the majority, does it?

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