Friday, 16 October 2015

Some background on Orla Guerin

'In 2002, Guerin claimed she had been targeted by Israeli soldiers who, she said, deliberately shot at her during a demonstration in Bethlehem. A year later Israel boycotted the BBC after accusing her of "deep-seated bias" in her reports. Then, in 2006, during the war in Lebanon she was accused of misreporting when she claimed a town near the Israel border had been "wiped out" by Israeli forces. "I haven't seen a single building that isn't damaged in some way," she said.

But Alex Thomson, filing for Channel 4 from the same town, Bint Jbeil, on the same day, presented a different perspective. He reported that the suburbs of the town "are pretty much untouched by the Israeli attack".'
And people wonder why the BBC have kept the Balen Report secret, what did that report reveal?
More here but not in the BBC where the likes of Jeremy Bowen, Orla Guerin Yolande Knell and Lyse Doucett are given free reign.

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