Friday, 16 October 2015

The BBC are sneaky as well as biased

The BBC dash to report faithfully every Palestinian claim that the Israelis are trying to change the status quo at the Temple Mount, a status quo that means that Jews cannot pray at what should be their holiest site but Muslims can stockpile weapons in the Al Aqsa mosque and spew abuse at any Jews that dare to visit the Temple Mount.

I can remember the BBC putting such news on their Middle East news page with great rapidity and often linking to this from the main BBC news page. However when Palestinian Muslims set fire to Joseph's tomb I could find no BBC report: it wasn't shown on that Middle East news page and certainly not on the main news page. Yet if I Google search I find the report here. Could it be possible that the BBC are reporting the story so they can say 'look we reported this, we're not biased' whilst deliberately not promoting the story? Are they actively trying to hide the story so as not to ruin the BBC narrative of 'Israelis evil aggressors, Palestinians good and victims'?

UPDATE: One hour later, I see that the BBC have managed to report the buring of Joseph's Tomb on their Middle East news page.

They end that report thus:
'Seven Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded.

At least 30 Palestinians, including several of the attackers, have been killed in recent violence.'
I think  that the BBC are trying to push the 'disproportionate' narrative again.

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