Friday, 9 October 2015

Orla Guerin - incompetent or deliberately offensive

The BBC's Orla Guerin presented another biased piece of reporting on the BBC News tonight. 

What was breathtaking was her statement that the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is sacred to both Muslims and Jews. Is this woman ignorant or being deliberately offensive? 

The Al Aqsa Mosque is not sacred to Jews. Part of the site of the mosque is built over the ruins of the Jewish Temple and so is the holiest site in Judaism. Of course the Israeli government stupidly prevents Jews from worshipping at their holiest site but allows Muslims to a) worship there and b) scream abuse at any Jew who dares to visit the site. Jews are actually prevented by Israeli police from saying any prayers at the holiest site in Judaism but it's Israel that's seen as victimising non Muslims.

I will be complaining to the BBC about this Orla Guerin report, I wonder what crock of shit response I'll get. 

Complaint lodged:

On tonight's News At Ten, Orla Guerin presented a report on the situation in Israel. During this report she said that Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque was sacred to both Muslims and Jews. This is factually incorect and offensive to Jews.

The Al Aqsa mosque is built on top of the site where the Jewish Temples stood before being destroyed. The site is the holiest site in Judaism but the Al Aqsa mosque itself is not sacred to Jews, it is rather is a symbol of Islamic invasion and dominance over Judaism right in the heart of the Jewish capital.

Jews are not allowed to pray on their holiest site. Israeli police stop them from doing so and Muslim Arab women are paid to spew abuse at Jews who try to visit the site, not enter the mosque just visit the Temple Mount,

Was Orla Guerin's statement the result of ignorance, in which case she should learn about the history of the region before reporting on it again, or was it just symptomatic of the BBC's anti-Israel bias?

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Anonymous said...

Your complaint is totally justified she is an agen tof Arab propoganda.

However, you are wrong that al-aksa is on the site of the Temple - it is not. It iis the Dome of the Rock which is on the site of the Temples. Suggest you revise your comment to BBC accordingly