Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Iain Dale - Maths is not his strong point, nor apparently is apologising for making an error

Say what you like about Iain Dale, at least when he's proved wrong he admits it - doesn't he?

So will Iain Dale actually admit he's made a mathematical mistake? We'll see...

UPDATE: He's admitted his error but not to me, to someone else who commented and there's been no apology for his rather supercilous comments to me about a matter in which he was wrong.

Intersting that Iain Dale admits defeat, not that he was wrong. Also interesting that you could get a job as a financial journalist in the late 1980s with just a C in GCSE Maths.

Oddly the matter didn't end there, as one of Iain Dale's team decided to try and curry favour with his boss.

Quite tragic and very tedious? Well if getting rather irritated when a public figure tells me that I'm wrong about a fairly simple mathematical calculation is tragic and if pushing for that public figure to acknowledge their error is tedious then I am guilty of being both. Indeed I'd rather be tragic and tedious about accuracy than cavalier about the truth.

It strikes me that Iain Dale is presenting his rather tedious radio show on LBC. Maybe he'll apologise to me after that show finishes, maybe not.

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