Friday, 16 October 2015

Hold on I keep being told by pro Palestinians (really anti Jews) that Jews are immigrants to the land of Palestine

'The story began in 1898, when a wine import and marketing company was opened in London by the Rishon Lezion & Zichron Ya'acov Wine Cellars. Their British subsidiary initially traded as The Palestine Wine & Trading Co. Then the word "Palestine" was the term used for local enterprises. There were some other notable examples. The Anglo-Palestine Bank was founded and later renamed Bank Leumi, and the quality newspaper for English speakers The Palestine Post was later renamed The Jerusalem Post.

The Palestine Wine Company started marketing wines with the name Palwin, which was an abbreviation for "Palestine wine." Palwin was the first brand sold in export markets by the Israeli wine industry and is arguably the oldest wine brand still in existence in the kosher wine world.


Upon the establishment of the State of Israel, the company name was changed from Palestine Wine to the Carmel Wine Co., and the name Palwin became specifically associated with a brand of kiddush wine rather than the full portfolio.'
You can ask Adam Montefiore of Carmel Winery for information -

You could ask any passing anti Semitic scum how they reconcile their assertion that Jews are immigrants to the land of Palestine with the history above.

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Deborah said...

4 glasses on Seder night of No 10 won't seem quite the same now I know about Palwin, maybe have to switch to Kedem.