Thursday, 22 October 2015

If the Benghazi committee doesn't ask Hillary this ONE question, it's a waste of time per Allen B. West

As the Benghazi Committee runs Allen B. West has just one question that it should ask Hillary Clinton.
'As Hillary Clinton, certainly now the crowned Democrat presidential nominee, has taken the oath before the committee, there is only one question that need be asked. Here is how I would ask it, "Secretary Clinton, did you lie about the impetus behind the Benghazi terrorist attack?"
And I would not allow any typical Clintonian obfuscation. I reiterate, "Mrs. Clinton, this is a yes or no question, did you or did you not lie about the cause, the impetus behind the Benghazi terrorist attack?"

Ladies and gents, nothing else matters. Truly, if Mrs. Clinton responds "no" that she did not lie, then the American people knows she has perjured herself. If she responds "yes" then she admits she was part of a purposeful deception of the American people surrounding the abandonment and deaths of four Americans.'
More here but not on the BBC where supporting Hillary Clinton is de rigeur.

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