Tuesday, 27 October 2015

That reminds me - another Palestinian mother

Yesterday's post reminded me of some video that I have posted previously. It's of another Palestinian mother, this time one whose young son had a heart complaint and was treated free of charge in an Israeli hospital. Watch the whole video, see how she is amazed by the generosity of the Jewish people bringing presents and giving to all patients whether Jewish or Muslim but also...

Please explain how Israel can make peace with people who can have their child treated in an Israeli hospital but also say that:
"Death is natural for us, we're not afraid to die"
"It's a religious thing. It's heresy to say that Jerusalem isn't ours."
"Life is precious but not to us. We feel that life is nothing. Life isn't worth a thing. That's why we have suicide bombers. They're not afraid to die, it's natural."
"We cry out in joy and celebrate when someone becomes a shahid (martyr)"
"Life isn't precious"

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