Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Does the revolution start tomorrow?

Craig at has a good piece today that includes this section:

'First, I want to commend this article by Melanie Phillips in The Times (£). Never mind terrorism or Brexit for a minute. Melanie has articulated a very urgent threat to the social cohesion that the State is so cack-handedly trying to maintain.

"Class warriors are cynically fanning the flames. Left-wing agitators are planning a "day of rage" tomorrow in protest at the government's austerity policies, which they say caused the tragedy. The protest is being led by the Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary, whose Facebook page declares: "We must escalate our actions to take down this rotten government, which has lost all authority to govern."

(I read this when it appeared in the Spectator a few days ago.)

"What's happening is an attempt to stir insurrection on the streets against the democratically elected Westminster government. Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell has called for a million people to take to the streets on Saturday to force Theresa May from power. 

At a Liverpool conference on March 10, 2012, McDonnell said there were three ways to change society. The first was through the ballot box; the second via industrial action. "The third is basically insurrection, but we now call it direct action . . . we have an elected dictatorship, so I think we have a democratic right to use whatever means to bring this government down. The real fight now is in our communities, it's on the picket lines, it's in the streets."'

John McDonnell has called for insurrection, isn't that a criminal offence? Shouldn't it be? Will anyone at the BBC raise that question or are the lefty idiots there hoping that it will really kick off this time?

It's going to be very hot tomorrow - I predict a riot, or more.

I'll be avoiding central London for a start, but all town centres look pretty dodgy too. The BBC and the Marxists at the head of the British Labour Party are playing a very dangerous game, scarily it's a game that they might win.

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