Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Steve Scalise: Republican House whip shot and wounded per BBC News who have the detail to put it in perspective

This BBC report gives us some background on Steve Scalise, he's a Republican and therefore spot number three:

' Who is Steve Scalise?

House Majority Whip, the number three Republican in Congress, responsible for vote gathering

Elected to Congress is 2008 having previously served in the Louisiana state legislature

He apologised for speaking to a white supremacist group during a campaign event in 2002

Former leader of the conservative Republican Study Group, which clashed frequently with former Speaker of the House John Boehner

He married his wife Jennifer in 2005 and has two young children. They live in Jefferson, Louisiana'

If he had been a Democrat politician who had spoken to a BLM meeting before a riot the BBC would have kept quiet, out of respect. However republicans are always fair game and if a right of centre politician can be linked to racism maybe they all can be.  The BBC never stop pushing their agenda.

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