Friday, 16 June 2017

The BBC’s entrenched bias against Israel, when did it start?

This Is the BBC biased piece is a must read if, like me, you realise that the BBC is institutionally anti Israel. The article looks at when this anti Israel bias began, do read it all but here are two examples that pre-date my experience of this anti Israel sentiment.

'But it was the BBC's Keith Kyle (1925-2007) who, thumbing his nose at the terms of his employer's Charter, provided CAABU with its biggest boost from that quarter.  Kyle seems to have been the first BBC broadcaster to flout the neutrality incumbent upon the BBC when, during the tension leading up to the Six Day War, he declared that

"fundamentally in this dispute the Arabs are completely in the right.  There can be no question about this at all." 

These words were also printed in the 1 June 1967 issue of The Listener, a BBC publication.


One of the worst examples of Kyle's pro-Arab stance concerned the bungled hijacking attempt (with innocent casualties) by PFLP terrorists of an El Al aircraft at Zurich Airport in February 1969.  He had learned of the plan from Arab contacts in Damascus, but had not disclosed the information

"to avoid Israeli retaliation against it".  

In a subsequent attempt to prevent him visiting Israel there were threats of him being prosecuted as "an accessory before the fact" if he set foot there"

Keith Kyle then, Jeremy Bowen now - the BBC hasn't really changed.

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