Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Netherlands: State TV edits Theresa May’s London speech to remove references to Islam

Last week I reported that the BBC had cut an interview with a witness, expunging any reference to the perpetrators shouting about Allah.

Today I read that:
'The first priority after every jihad terror attack: make sure that no one has any negative thoughts about Islam.

It's incredible that even the dhimmi appeaser May's supine speech was too much for the taxpayer-funded Dutch media.

"NOS edits the video of Theresa May to cut out 'extremist Islam,' translated from " NOS geeft toe in de video van Theresa May 'extremistische islam' eruit geknipt te hebben," by Lars Benthin, De Dagelijkse Standaard, June 6, 2017:'

More here but not on the BBC.

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