Thursday, 22 June 2017

The elderly voters deserted the Conservatives at the general election

Mike Smithson at Political Betting has a great article that includes the above chart.

'There’s one group of voters that traditionally the Tories have been able to regard as bankers – the oldies, those in the growing 65+ age segment.

 My analysis of that, reflected in the chart above, finds that the PM is struggling to hold onto to the oldies. The chart numbers are based on subtracting those who have an unfavourable view of TMay from those who have a favourable one.

As is shown she had been doing extremely well with the 65+ group with huge favourability margins.

In the latest polling she’s still in positive territory but only just by just 4 points. It used to be 55%

This doesn’t bode well for the blue team if there is a new general election which the party’s precarious parliamentary position might well lead to.

She used to be an electoral asset. Now it is looking like she is an electoral liability.'

Why did Theresa May attack the elderly in her Conservative Party manifesto? Stupidity or deliberate, I can think of no other reasons.

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