Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Who shuld I vote for in tomorrow's general election?

Can you completely trust Theresa May?
Of course not.

Will she see Brexit thorough?
Maybe, maybe not.

Will she take the tough decisions re the Islamist terrorism threat?
Not on the evidence of the past but maybe she's finally seen sense?

Will she bring prosperity for all?
Don't be daft.

But the alternatives are so bad that you should just hold your nose and vote Conservative.

So how about voting Labour?
Are you insane? 
A party lead by someone who supported the aims of the IRA, consorted with the IRA, calls Hamas and Hezbollah his friends and voted against taking action to prevent ISIS Fighters from returning to the UK. A man who would rather support Iran than Israel. A man whose politics are stuck in the 1970s.

A party whose Shadow Chancellor is a Marxist and whose previous views on the IRA make Jeremy Corbyn look like Ian Paisley. 

A party whose shadow Home Secretary has some rather odd views about Chairman Mao, racism and no apparent mastery of her own brief. 

A vote for Labour is a vote for economic chaos, giving succour to Islamist terrorists and hastening the end of the United Kingdom as a sovereign entity.

So should I vote Lib Dem, after all I really didn't want Brexit to happen. 
Voting Lib Dem instead of Conservative might let Labour into power, do you really want to hand power to Marxists, terrorist sympathisers and the incompetent?
So hold your nose and vote Conservative.

Should I vote UKIP?
UKIP are the only party that would see Brexit through, if that's important to you, but they can't form a government and a vote for UKIP might lead to a Labour government, so hold your nose and vote Conservative.

Should I vote SNP, I do live in Scotland?
Vote Conservative just to wipe the smug smiles off the faces of Sturgeon and Salmond.

Should I vote Green?
No, don't be silly.

So in summary on June 8th hold your nose and vote Conservative. They're the best of a very poor set of choices.

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