Friday, 9 June 2017

DUP and Sinn Féin celebrate election gains leaving the way open for a Conservative and DUP coalition government

Yesterday I posited a result which meant that Sinn Féin MPs would take their seats in order to give their old allies Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell power.

In fact the result gives another Northern Irish political party a major chance of power. A party from the Unionist rather than the Nationalist tradition.

The DUP won 10 seats and those added to the 318 of the Conservative and Unionist Party would mean a small majority for any such coalition.

Can a deal be done? If the alternative is a Labour / SNP / Lib Dem / Green / Sinn Féin government then a deal bloody well has to be done. Surely the DUP would see that.

Labour and their propaganda arm, the BBC, will scream that they won and should be given a chance to form a government but in reality Theresa May has the first chance to form a government and it should be easier to form a coalition of two parties than one of at least five.

Suddenly Arlene Foster will be the name on everyone's lips.

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