Thursday, 8 June 2017

Terror Suspect Targets Stamford Hill Neighborhood in London per Jewish Press

'Late last month terror suspect Aweys Faqey, 37, was arrested at Stansted Airport on suspicion of discussing plans to obtain automatic weapons for the purpose of killing Jews in Stamford Hill. The Somalia-born suspect is married with a wife and five children in the Netherlands, and a second wife and child in Kenya. But he's been living in Tottenham since 2013.

Online chat logs of a conversation between him and Abdirahman Hassan, a Kenyan man awaiting trial for terrorist offenses in a separate terrorism case, were read out in court, with one message allegedly saying: "It could have been better if AK47, M16 and BKM can be found. They could have been taken to Stamford Hill and people leave from the game. On Saturday a lot of Jews gather over there. It is an area of the UK where they are a majority, it's full of people."

Faqey, who was arrested as he was trying to board a flight for Istanbul allegedly carrying four mobile phones, $700 and 400 euros in cash, was charged by British police with preparing acts of terrorism.

He appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court earlier this month and is scheduled to appear at the Old Baily again on June 9.'

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As you won't find reported on the BBC, whose main interest seems to be minimising criticism of Islam, and if a few Jews die then so what.

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