Saturday, 23 June 2018

Brexit: Marchers demand final Brexit deal vote per BBC News who don't comment on apparent amnesia

'One of the rally organisers, James McGrory from pressure group Open Britain, said there should be "a choice between leaving with the deal that the government negotiates, or staying in the European Union".

"But the most important thing is that this isn't decided just by 650 politicians in Westminster... Brexit is such a big deal [that] it should include all 65 million of us in the country, and that's why people today are marching for a people's vote," he said.'

Has James McGrory forgotten that the UK population had a chance to vote on Brexit, just two years ago, and the Brexit side won that referendum. If the Remain side had won the referendum would Brexiters have been given the chance to call for a second referendum to decide upon the sort of EU membership we wanted? It's strange how referenda across the EU that go the way of the EU are accepted as the final word whereas votes that go against the EU are questionable and the public must be asked again, and again, until they give the correct answer. 

The anti Brexit report is here

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