Sunday, 3 June 2018

Parents video under-fives dressed as jihadis storming Israeli building

I see in The Mail that the brainwashing of Palestinian children continues. I've reported on this sort of news before but in case you rely upon the institutionally anti Israel BBC for your Middle East news:

'Disturbing footage has emerged of children at nursery school in Gaza dressing up as jihadis and storming an Israeli building.

The children, who are no older than five-years-old, are seen carrying fake rifles, handguns and gas masks.

The young children then take a child dressed in Orthodox Jewish clothing hostage, before pretending to kill an Israeli soldier during the performance at the Al-Hoda nursery.

Their end-of-term production also includes smoke going off in a cardboard building as the young boys children carry out an invasion, placing a sign down which read 'Israel has fallen' in Hebrew and Arabic on the back of a soldier. '

Child abuse? Brainwashing? But not a word on the BBC or from the, definitely not antisemitic, Jeremy Corbyn. 

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