Thursday, 14 June 2018

Brexit: MPs reject bid to stay in EEA amid Labour revolt per BBC News

No mention of Labour Party in the headline, nor the word split. 

'Attempts to keep the UK in the European Economic Area after Brexit have been defeated in the House of Commons despite dozens of Labour MPs defying the leader's instructions on the issue.

MPs voted by 327 to 126 against a House of Lords proposal for a close relationship with the EU like Norway's.

Jeremy Corbyn urged his MPs to abstain but 75 voted for and 15 against, while six quit their frontbench roles.'

That's a split in anyone's language and the BBC would be headlining anything even a quarter as serious if it had been the Conservative Party. However the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, aren't about to be negative about their beloved Labour Party. 

More BBC bias here

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