Thursday, 28 June 2018

Jeremy Corbyn's Gaza briefing to Labour MPs accuses IDF of 'war crimes'

This JC report on the other JC's Gaza briefing 

'A briefing document sent by Jeremy Corbyn's office to Labour MPs on Gaza accused the IDF of "war crimes" in the recent border violence, the JC has learned.

Despite evidence that Hamas ordered thousands of Gazans to try and breach the border fences with Israel, often using violent methods, Mr Corbyn's briefing accuses the IDF of "wilful killings" and "war crimes" in the violence that has left scores of Palestinians dead and many more injured in recent weeks.

One Labour MP told the JC they found the document, sent to all Labour MPs ahead of a parliamentary debate, "disgustingly one sided."

Another said: "It could have been written by Jeremy's 'friends' in Hamas."


Assessing the background to the recent protests, the Labour document does not mention any Hamas involvement in the planning of the weekly marches, stating: "Since March 30, a Palestinian movement (called the Great March of Return') has been marching on the border between Israel and Gaza to protest against Israel's illegal blockage of the area and the humanitarian crisis it is helping to fuel."

It adds: "The protests were largely peaceful, although they regularly featured stone-throwing and the rolling of tyres at the border fence."'

Jeremy Corbyn is a clear and present danger to the UK and much of the civilised world, his views on Israel and the Palestinians are beyond reason. 

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