Monday, 25 June 2018

Weapons found at the ‘Muslim Eton’ per The Sunday Times

This report was not picked up by the BBC. Imagine how they'd have headlined the story if it had actually been Eton rather than the 'Muslim Eton'.

'The head of an Islamic boarding school dubbed the "Muslim Eton" has been forced out after bladed weapons, a toy gun and £400,000 were found on the premises.

The Department for Education (DfE) had sought a rare closure order for Darul Uloom school in Chislehurst, southeast London.

However, the school agreed in court last week to remove the head, Mustafa Musa, his son Yusuf, who was in charge of child safeguarding at the school, and the board of trustees instead.

Armed police were called to the school on May 30 after reports of a man brandishing a firearm. They arrested Yusuf Musa and found weapons and cash at his flat in the grounds. Mustafa Musa was arrested for alleged money-laundering.'

Remember the BBC have a narrative to push. 

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