Thursday, 28 June 2018

Duke visits Jerusalem's sacred sites per the BBC who omit some key facts

This BBC report omits some key information from its report on the Duke of Cambridge's visit to Jerusalem. 

'Also on his itinerary was the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, a site that is sacred to Jews and Muslims.

He then went to the adjacent Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews are permitted to pray.' 

So there's a holier site for Jews but Jews not permitted to pray there, how can this be? Because Israel allows the Muslim authorities to control the holiest site in Judaism, these people ban Jews from praying there, so much for Jews ethically cleansing Jerusalem. Remind me where Jews could worship in the eastern part of Jerusalem whilst that was occupied by Jordan from their invasion in 1948 to its freeing in 1967.

'Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif sits on an elevated plaza, which was the site of both of Judaism's ancient temples, above the Western Wall in Jerusalem.' 

So what happened to these Jewish Temples? How come they no longer exist but instead there's a large mosque there? The BBC don't seem inclined to explain, why? 

'Muslims believe it was the site of the Prophet Muhammad's ascent to heaven in the 7th Century.'

No mention of the flying horse, why? 

'Since arriving on his current leg of the tour, he has met Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and its President Reuven Rivlin, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.'

Remind me what Mahmoud Abbas's doctoral dissertation on: it didn't claim that the Holocaust never took place (though it did quibble with the numbers), or that it wasn't a terrible atrocity. Rather, Abbas argued that the Zionists joined forces with the Nazis to inflict that atrocity on European Jewry. In other words, he cleverly crafted a position that allowed him to acknowledge the Holocaust while still blaming the Jews for it.

As ever with the BBC it's what they don't report that shows their bias as much as what they do report. 

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