Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Microsoft staff demand firm ends Border Patrol contract per BBC News

Reporting is all in the choice of language, here's an example from the agenda pushing BBC. This BBC report is headlined 'Microsoft staff demand firm ends Border Patrol contract'. The report does tell us that 'An open letter signed by more than 100 Microsoft employees has called on the tech giant to stop its work with US Border Patrol.'

More than 100 staff, that's impressive. Really? According to Headcount Microsoft the firm had a headcount of 124,293 at the end of the last financial year. More than 100; I'll guess that's not close to 200 or the BBC would say nearly 200 staff. It's probably less than 150 too, else the BBC would say 150 staff, so let's assume 125 staff. 125 staff would be 1 in a thousand of Microsoft staff, not a huge percentage. Oddly in this instance the BBC push the views of the 0.1% and wonders how Microsoft could ignore such a huge proportion. Oddly the BBC are less happy to accept the opinions of the 52% who voted for Brexit. 

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