Friday, 15 June 2018

POLL: Immigration and Terror Top Issues for EU - so won't be mentioned by the BBC

'Immigration is now seen as the most important issue facing the European Union (EU) by people in every member state apart from seven countries, where the top concern is terrorism, an official survey has found.

The revelation comes from the Euro barometer ( ) a series of public opinion surveys conducted for the European Commission, the bloc's executive branch, and corroborates the results of a YouGov ( )  survey from May.

As recently as 2014, immigration and terror were perceived as less of a concern for the bloc than the economic situation, member states' public finances, and unemployment.

When people were asked this year what "are the two most import issues facing the EU at the moment," 38 percent said immigration was the most important issue in 21 member states.

This is up from 14 in autumn 2017 and included Estonia (62 percent), the Czech Republic (58 percent), and Hungary (56 percent).

Furthermore, immigration was named as the second most important concern in all the remaining member states except for Portugal.'

The news of what real people, not our political and media would be masters, think is not something that the BBC will think appropriate for the British public to know. Better to pretend that multiculturalism and diversity are a great success and that only a few racists and members of the alt right would oppose the new enlightenment. 

More here at Breitbart spread the word because the BBC won't. 

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