Thursday, 11 April 2013

Anti-Semitism is why the Arab Spring failed | Ahmad Hashemi | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel

'My skepticism gained further momentum by hearing and reading news headlines such as: "With more than 2000 years of Jewish heritage, Egypt shuts down its last synagogue," or "Attacks on Coptic places of worship continue," and "Egyptian high profile officials call Jews `apes,`" and "David Gerbi, the Libyan-Italian Jew who returned to his homeland, receives death threats," and "The last synagogue in Iraq is closed, signaling the end of a 2,700-year Jewish presence there."

These and other similar examples were indications that not only were the remaining small Christian and particularly Jewish communities becoming extinct in the Muslim world, but the already low tolerance towards the "other," was shrinking. This is the main reason I continue to believe that Arab uprisings are unlikely to bring any change for the better.'

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