Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wise words indeed from Mrs Thatcher

"The state has no source of money other than the money people earn themselves..."

"There is no such thong as public money, there is just tax-payers money"

"Prosperity won't come by inventing more and nmore lavish public expenditure programs"

"You don't grow richer by ordering another chequebook from the bank"

Watching this short video should be compulsory for all politicians, once or twice a day...

I didn't agree with everything Lady Thatcher did BUT bearing in mind the state of the nation in 1979 there really was no alternative, she was a necessary, sometimes unpleasant, medicine for the Country. At the end of her tenure as Prime Minister the country was no longer the sick man of Europe and was considerable better off. Without her governance I wonder how the UK would have looked in 1990.

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