Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher: Public anger at BBC bias: Viewers hit out at lengthy coverage of poll tax and miners' strike | Mail Online

One excerpt from this Daily Mail piece struck me

'One of Thatcher's arch critics – former Labour MP Tony Benn – was one of the first invited to speak on BBC 5 Live and BBC World Service and was given free rein to criticise Lady Thatcher.
He said: 'Margaret Thatcher taught us the meaning of class war, we have paid a very heavy price for it.

'She used the power she had to make war on the miners and the trade union movement . . . and it was a very divisive period as Prime Minister, but you have to recognise that was what she believed and that meant she was not just fooling and she did in a sense open up the meaning of the phrase 'class war" as she used her power to make war on trade unions and the majority of the population.''

Didn't the Labour government that Tony Benn was a part of close more coal mines than Mrs Thatcher's government?

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Ed P said...

Ol' loony-Benn has never been bothered by the truth.