Monday, 8 April 2013

When you can't trust the banks... use your matress

Russia Today carries the story that:
'As Europe goes deeper into recession a Spanish company has found a way to cash in on the crisis. A mattress with a built-in safe is claimed to spare one from insomnia and financial fears.
Spanish company My Mattress Safe advertises its invention with the slogan “Your money is close to you.”

The whole advertising campaign capitalizes upon public distrust of the banking system and the financial anxieties of Spaniards.

"You see, we've got big economic problems in Spain, and people have really lost confidence in the banks," the creator of the peculiar mattress, Paco Santos, told NPR’s blog.

So the campaign emphasizes all the conveniences of having a built-in safe in your mattress.

“Your money is always available anytime that you are at home,” the company website reads, adding that “you can enjoy your money for as long as you want and without risks.”'

Safer than a bank but still fairly easy to steal a whole matress!

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