Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I wonder how The News Quiz will handle Lady Thatcher's death

I note that BBC Radio 4's The News Quiz returns for a new series on Friday, presumably they will be recording the show on Thursday night.

I wonder how the assorted lefty 'comedians' will respond. My prediction would be the very nasty and very left-wing Jeremy Hardy to be nastily sarcastic and vicious (in his faux sweet middle class voice) and Sandi Toskvig to have some nicely written barbs of her own against a woman who she could never dream of emulating.

I believe the other guests are Phill Jupitus, Daniel Finkelstein, and Roisin Conaty.

Phill 'Porky the poet' Jupitus is another resolute left winger, formerly a stalwart of Red Wedge, worked with Billy Bragg etc. etc. He's not usually as overtly left-wing but I am sure he won't be able to resist the temptation.

Roisin Conaty I do not know, but I'm sure she's hysterical. I wonder if she's not a left-winger how she'll respond to the nastiness.

Daniel Finkelstein is The News Quiz's token right of centre voice of reason. Even he is hardly right-wing; an ally of David Owen in the SDP and then a Conservative moderniser. I feel he'll be terribly outnumbered.

So that's two very left wing, one slightly more restrained left-wing, one mildly right of centre and another. Should be fun! Except I've sworn not to listen to The News Quiz, it was riling me too much and that much swearing is not appreciated by the neighbours.

I suppose I should just be grateful that the even more left-wing and nasty Mark Steel isn't on the show. He makes Jeremy Hardy seem reasonable, well sort of.


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