Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How the West was lost (part x)

'TORONTO – When a single dad signed his nine-year-old daughter up for female-only swim lessons, he didn't realize he — as a man — was going to be banned from watching her practice.

Chris (who didn't want his last name published) was shocked when he had the blinds to the viewing area of the Dennis R. Timbrell Recreation Centre pool in Flemingdon Park shut on him and then was told by staffers it was for "religious reasons."

"I spoke to a staff member and she told me that it's because of Muslim women, that we're not allowed to look at them or whatever," Chris, 38, told the Toronto Sun Friday. "I don't think religion has a role to play in a public pool."'
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What is hapening to Western civilisation?

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Randy said...

Banning a parent, on the basis of sex, for religious purposes, is clearly sexist and a violation of religious rights as well.

Further, no parent should be prevented from observing their child in a public (or even quasi-public) venue such as a pool. When we start going down that road, abuses happen. Surely we've learned something about that in the last few decades.

Canada is a country of freedom and multiculturalism. That means (or used to mean) that regardless of our differences in private, we ALL play together when in public.