Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Once again I notice the difference between left and right

I inhabit a pretty civilised personal world but as ever I note that even here, the left and right deal with differences of opinion differently. In several meetings today I felt that some people wanted to talk about Lady Thatcher's death but felt inhibited because whilst they were obviously pro-Thatcher, they weren't sure about me. I am not how most of you imagine me to be, most people would assume that I am on the left, maybe the far left . 

I have noted previously how lefty types feel free to insult politicians on the right and how people on the right will just listen and accept their insulter's right to free speech. Whereas people on the right, being generally more polite, usually feel inhibited from expressing anti-lefty opinions in case they get verbally (or even physically) attacked by the usually less tolerant lefty.

Lots of generalisations in that piece but that, albeit anecdotally, is what I have discovered over recent years. Even amongst my friends, the lefty types will happily discuss politics and insult Conservative politicians and policies, whilst us right of centre types just have to keep quiet. It's trendy to be a lefty but not to be right of centre.

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