Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Coal mine closures

If I hear one more ex-miner celebrating the death of Lady Thatcher I might just scream. The BBC have given airtime to numerous such people, people who just realise one key fact.

There were more pit closures under Harold Wilson's Labour government than under Lady Thatcher's Conservative government: 406 pits closed in the 1960s (with 315,000 job losses), only 146 closed in the 1980s (with 173,000 jobs losses).

I wonder why the BBC never point that out? Would it spoil their carefully constructed narrative?


Davieboy said...

I saw that stat on Tom Chivers' DT blog.
Hope it's true as I'm quoting it on FB!

Dylan Bob said...

I heard one ex miner state that Margaret Thatcher had an agenda to sytematically shut down the pits and throw the mining communities onto the scrapheap. What a load of bollocks!!! No politician from any political party would ever close down a major industry without very good reason - and in this case it was because the mines were becoming extremely uneconomic. That's life, and that would be the demise of any failing business that relies on exhausted resources. Get a grip!!!