Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Today is V.E. Day

Today is V.E. Day, the day we celebrate the victory of the Allied powers over Nazi Germany which ended the Second World War. The history of the end of the Second World War: the fight for Berlin, the last days in Hitler's bunker and the subsequent chaos make for interesting study but the real sentiment should be relief that the war ended and sorrow for the millions of people (Jews and others) murdered by the German National Socialist Party lead Germany and for the other civilians and armed forces that died to free Europe from Nazi tyranny.

Unfortunately the end of the Second World War did not end tyranny. Instead it ushered in a period of Communist tyrannical rule in Eastern Europe that would last until 1989, some would argue longer. It must be remembered that not only did the Russian Communist rulers kill many more civilians than Nazi Germany, but also that the Russian Communists were willing allies of Nazi Germany right up until Germany invaded Russia. National Socialism in Germany and Communism in Russia started as bedfellows and might have remained so had Hitler not made a grievous error.

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