Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Why are these people so cross with Nigel Lawson? – Telegraph Blogs

It's important to know what's behind some of the attacks on Lord Lawson's call for the UK to leave the EU.
This Telegraph piece makes some good points, but don't forget the EU pensions and requirements... See previous blogposts.

Remember that EU pensions are paid on the understanding that the EU can remove this pension, if in the view of the Commission or the Luxembourg Court, they "fail to uphold the interests of the European Communities".

Also remember that (per Guido):
'The European Court of Justice has ruled that retired Eurocrats including the yacht-loving Lord Mandelson will be allowed to dodge tax on a huge scale. Brussels pensions are exempt from national taxes, meaning that the likes of Mandelson and Neil Kinnock only have to cough up 8% on their five-figure taxpayer-funded EU income. Am guessing the Euro-Judges will benefit from their ruling too. The decision to permit an official tax avoidance scheme for former EU officials comes as Brussels cracks down on tax dodging across the continent.'

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