Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another delicious piece of Leftist hypocrisy - The Commentator

A must read article..  Here's an extract:
'It doesn't matter that the multi-billion pound behemoth that is the BBC wastes our money left right and centre; it is the right kind of broadcaster. It is not Sky. Sky is evil you see. The BBC isn't.

And it is perfectly fine for the BBC to spend a fortune on presenters like Jeremy Paxman but not so good when it comes to Jeremy Clarkson because he's, well, the wrong type of presenter.

And it is perfectly fine for a footballer to be on £250,000 a week. That's good. That's working class.

Football is working class isn't it? I'm sure I read in the Guardian that it was.

In reality of course, mates of mine who grew up supporting their teams can hardly afford to attend nowadays as prices take the sport away from them.

But £250,000 a week is fine for Rooney. It's the right kind of wage unlike those evil bankers with their £1m wages and £250,000 a year bonuses. That's the wrong kind of pay.

And of course Microsoft is evil but Apple isn't. Starbucks is a tax-cheating filthy company until you need wi-fi and your double, skinny, mocha-peasant flat.

Now, hypocrisy isn't, unfortunately, the sole preserve of the left, but they just do a damn good job at it. Whether sending their kids to private school while condemning everyone else to the sink estate comp or flying to Tuscany as air-fares go up -- all to protect the planet you know -- the left see things in absolutes. '

True dat!'

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