Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Palestinians killed by poison gas in a Palestinian refugee camp

A camp for Palestinian refugees has been bombed by chemical weapons and yet the BBC don't seem interested; why? Are they so in thrall to the 'Jewish lobby'that they won't cover such a story < /sarcasm>?

The answer is more prosaic, the Palestinian refugee camp is in Syria and the Palestinians were killed by Syrian forces. So the BBC's interest is all but nil, I cannot find a reference to this on the BBC Middle East news yet.  I think we all know that if a camp in Gaza had been attacked by Israel and just one Palestinian had been killed then that would have been headline news on the BBC who would be interrogating the Israeli Ambassador and giving airtime to the usual haters of Israel. But as this is Arab on Arab killing, shhhhhhh.

'A camp for Palestinian refugees  has been bombed by chemical weapons, a Syrian opposition group based in Turkey said.

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces said Sunday that the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus had been gassed by regime forces amid heavy fighting. '
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