Thursday, 11 July 2013

Islamophobia – The Irrational Fear of Questioning Islam - Liberties Alliance :: Liberties Alliance

A must read article... Here's the introduction:
'This article will discuss the way the word 'Islamophobia' has been used as a political weapon rather than as an honest way of communicating an idea.  The main problem arises from the fact that by combining the words 'Islam' and 'phobia' the resulting term is itself contradictory given current usage.  It ignores rational fears that people may have and in the best Stalinist tradition labels those with such fears as being mentally ill.

We will start by showing how the term 'Islamophobia' as it is currently used is merely a political tool to shut people up.  We will then demonstrate how a word that combines 'Islam' and 'phobia' could be more appropriately defined.  The inclusion of a linguistic component used regularly by psychiatrists will of course be justified in our more logical definition.  We will then look at the case of the recent Boston bombing as an example of what happens when Islamophobia as the irrational fear of questioning Islam is not taken into consideration by policymakers who often appear to be its most acute sufferers.

This article will argue that if the world 'phobia' is to be used in combination with Islam then it is more appropriate for describing the people who currently wield the term rather than those who are victimised by such people.  Islamophobia therefore then defined as 'the irrational fear of questioning Islam'.'
And the title of the first section:
''Islamophobia' As A Tool To Shut People Up! '
Do read the whole article here

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