Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wind power

According to The National Grid:
The current capacity of wind power connected to the transmission system that we forecast for is 5.5GW (Jan 2013). This capacity is expected to continue to increase during 2013/14 and could reach 32GW of wind generation capacity by 2020.
5.5GW, is that a lot?

UK Energy Watch reveal real time energy production:
BM Reports/NETA reveal similar figures

 So Wind is managing to contribute 1.7% of the UK's power. That's a really impressive return for spoiling so much of the British countryside, isn't it?

As I have said before - Coal, gas and nuclear power stations work and their power generation is controllable. Wind power's power generation depends upon nature and that means no production on cold days when power demand for heating is high and often over-supply on breezy summer nights when power demand is relatively low.

The UK's countryside is being despoiled to satisfy political ambitions and so as to further the warmist agenda. Please can we have some sense about this matter in the future.

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